maanantai 10. joulukuuta 2007

Thank you Kate

Tällä kertaa vain englanniksi.
Sorry, this time only in English.

As many of you know, I participated the KTS4 (Knitters tea swap 4). It was a lot of fun and my swap pal Kate is awesome and I believe she is telepathic or something. The not so funny part is that the parcel from Kate to me spent almost seven, yes seven, weeks on it's way from Canada to Finland. And we almost lost faith to postal services world wide.

Today the miracle happened: I got mail...

Not everything is in this picture. For example the pumpkin marshmallows for my boys vanished before I got the camera out. And I think my new bamboo double pointed needles are playing hide and seek.

Everything in this package was something you can't get from Finland (or at least not from Oulu) like Hersey's chocolate, Starbucks coffee, Lipton's Red Rose tea and Koigu yarn .

This Koigu yarn is absolutely beautiful. In reality the colours are deeper and shiny, so shiny and soft... and it is not possible to find a pattern good enough for the yarn. Well, I'll go to Ravelry like Kate suggested. So, one more time: Thank you Kate.

3 kommenttia:

kate kirjoitti...

So glad you like it Sanna! Enjoy!!

Susan kirjoitti...

Yay! You got the package! Kate told me about how long it was taking and I was certain it was lost. I love a happy ending!

Tikrun mami kirjoitti...

Your parcel wasn't only one witch lasted and lasted... From Canada to Finland. We were worried about Lara's parcel too, it travelled the same time from Canada than your gorgeous parcel.